From Little Things Big Things Grow: The Journey of a Writer

The Journey of a Writer

Have you ever noticed how a tiny seed can transform into a flourishing plant? It’s a beautiful reminder that from the smallest beginnings, incredible things can grow. This is a lot like the journey of writing a book. Every story starts with just a spark of an idea, nurtured with passion and care, and eventually…

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Finding Inspiration: A Journey of Rediscovery

Finding Inspiration

Have you ever struggled with finding inspiration? It could be something mundane like what to cook for dinner or what to wear for work or something more poignant like what to write about. Maybe you have a blog post to write or are contemplating a book. Inspiration can be elusive, especially when you’re juggling the…

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How to Use AI to Research Your Business Book

How to Use AI

As a small business owner, wearing multiple hats isn’t just a necessity—it’s the norm. As a CEO, marketing guru, customer service rep, and often the heart and soul of your business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and time-poor. The pressure to consistently produce top-quality work, especially in areas like book publishing, can be immense. AI…

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Redefining Fear: My New ‘F’ Word

redefining fear

The Unseen Battle Behind Success I’ve often been asked about the secrets behind running a successful small business, and while many expect a story filled with only triumph and confidence, the truth involves a more complex, unseen battle. It’s the struggle with the ‘F’ word – and no, not failure, but fear. The Journey of…

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The Power of Purpose: Your Guide to Writing a Book with Impact

The beginning of a new year often brings with it a surge of inspiration and aspirations. For many, it’s a time to set fresh goals and embark on exciting ventures. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, this year could be the perfect time to turn that dream into reality. But before you dive…

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Understanding ISBNs and Key Aspects of Self-Publishing

key aspects of self publishing

Embarking on the self-publishing journey can be exhilarating and overwhelming for any entrepreneur-author. It’s a path paved with potential, but also filled with industry jargon and technicalities that can be bewildering. Here I break down these terms and processes, ensuring you’re not just crossing t’s and dotting I’s, but truly comprehending the ins and outs…

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2023 Statistics on Australia’s Booming Book Market

A look at the 2023 Book market statistics

In a digitising world, a reoccurring question often surfaces: “Are people still buying books?” Let’s take a look at the healthy landscape of Australia’s book market, which remarkably, not only sustained but thrived, reaching an impressive A$1.3 billion in sales with 70.9 million units sold in 2022 alone – a robust 8.2% YoY increase. This…

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Do You Judge a Book by its’ Cover?

do you judge a book by its cover

Recently, I found myself amidst a delightful mix of fellow book enthusiasts in the vibrant and somewhat chilly city of Melbourne. As a book nerd, it felt like coming home to spend time with likeminded people during a day dedicated to judging books for the Australian Business Book Awards, or ABBAs for short. Picture a…

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