About Dettori Publishing


Hi, I’m Ann Dettori, author of The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing and the founder of Dettori Publishing.

Dettori Publishing was created to bring together the resources and services we provide through two businesses:

Post Pre-press GroupPost Pre-press – providing a range of services for traditional publishing companies and corporations.

Independent InkIndependent Ink – a one-stop-shop production company for authors who are keen to self-publish their manuscripts.

Across these two businesses, we have developed and produced thousands of books, many of which are probably on your bookshelf.

Our core values are honesty, integrity, and doing what we say we’re going to do – always.

Being a true book nerd, I am a regular volunteer at the Brisbane Writers Festival, a judge for the Australian Business Book Awards, and have served on the board of the QLD Writers Centre (2018–2021). When I’m not up to my ears in manuscripts and books, I love spending time with my bosses – my adorable cavoodle Wilson and Porthos the Great Pyrenees – and my family.

Our process

At Dettori Publishing, we understand the varied arms and aspects of publishing.

Whether you are a traditional publisher or an author looking to self-publish, we have a solution to bring your manuscript to life as a printed and digital masterpiece.

We take care and time to determine the unique needs for each client and each job.

Traditional publishers – we work with you to determine the design scope of your project, and where needed can provide an internal design to meet your brief. We offer professional typesetting, design, and print and digital file creation services. For more information, see Post Pre-press.

Self-publishing authors – whether you’ve written your first draft or have a polished manuscript, we work with you through all stages of the book production journey. We offer high-quality editing and proofreading, typesetting, design, and print and digital file creation services, and can arrange printing and ebook conversion. For more information, see Independent Ink.

Non-fiction business authors – we work with you through all stages of the writing and publishing journey: before, during, and after. We coach authors through their planning, preparing, and writing to ensure they produce a content-rich manuscript that will resonate with their target audience. We manage the production stages, including editing, design, typesetting, and print and digital file creation. We then work with authors to develop a strategic plan to help them leverage their book long into the future.

Publishing a book is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. No matter what your needs, we have crafted a process which helps clients at any stage of their publishing journey to create beautiful, high-quality documents.

our process
The Entrepreneurs Guide to Publishing

My Book

The journey to publishing doesn’t have to be long and difficult; nor does it have to be a tug of war between what you want and what the publisher wants. 

The best way to start the process is to find out exactly what it means to publish a book. The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing helps authors learn more about the steps in the self-publishing process so you know exactly what to do, when, and why.