The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Publishing

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Publishing
Ann Dettori

After working in the publishing industry for many years and seeing thousands of beautiful books come to life, I too felt the fire burning deep inside me to become a published author.

When I first asked myself what I would write about, the answer was obvious. I wanted to share everything I’d learned about becoming a self-published author, so I could help more aspiring writers embark on their journey with confidence.

‘Ann has taken what can be a complex process and broken it into simple, common sense steps. She provides a solid framework for writing and publishing a book, specifically for entrepreneurs...’

Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker.

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing

A simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes that will lead you on the journey from writing your book to the book launch and beyond. You will learn:

  • How to develop and structure your book writing journey.
  • How to turn your manuscript into a published book.
  • Building your author platform.
  • Leveraging your book for long term success.

Based on ten years' experience in the publishing industry, The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing demystifies the book writing process, and the shows you how to publish a professional book yourself – one that you will be proud to hand out.


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  • Develop your idea and find your ‘why’.
  • Determine what format and book structure will work for you.
  • Writing a great book pitch.
  • Common author mistakes.
  • Working with an editor.
  • What makes a great cover.
  • Producing a professional book using great layout and tips from traditional publishing.
  • Producing quality printed books and digital files.
  • Understand distribution channels.
  • Build your author platform.
  • Leverage your book for future success.

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On The Stone

5 star rating

From overcoming your fears as a first-time author to gaining an insight into the business of book production, promotion and online marketing, this book covers it all. It is a timely, concisely written, informative guide that provides a no-nonsense approach to reducing the risk of self-publishing. A must for anyone considering investing in their first self-published book

Sue Lester

5 star rating

I wish I’d had this advice for my first book, and have certainly picked out some gold nuggets to help with the next. The book pitch section is particularly helpful for greater clarity on exactly why you are writing, and who for. This resource book written by an expert immersed in the publishing industry is clearly written, very practical and a ‘must have’ for publishing and promoting at least your first few books.

Bronwyn Reid

5 star rating

Thank you, Ann, for writing this book. So many people say ‘I should write a book’, but so few actually do it. This means that the world is missing out on a whole lot of knowledge that entrepreneurs and business people have accumulated over their lifetime. With your book, the insurmountable task becomes eminently possible.