2023 Statistics on Australia’s Booming Book Market

A look at the 2023 Book market statistics

In a digitising world, a reoccurring question often surfaces: “Are people still buying books?” Let’s take a look at the healthy landscape of Australia’s book market, which remarkably, not only sustained but thrived, reaching an impressive A$1.3 billion in sales with 70.9 million units sold in 2022 alone – a robust 8.2% YoY increase. This isn't merely data; it's a testament to the unfading allure of well-spun stories and knowledge encapsulated in books.

Adult Fiction and Children’s Books: The Heavy Lifters

The growth in fiction books is really interesting:

  1. Adult fiction, for instance, isn’t merely growing; it’s soaring with a 19.4% jump, heavily influenced by #BookTok star, Colleen Hoover.
  2. The children’s category also shines brightly with a 7.7% increase.
  3. Graphic novels were up by 34%.

Maybe it’s time to explore the BookTok and start recording those videos.

Nonfiction: The Subtle, Yet Sturdy Pillar

The growth of nonfiction is holding steady:

  1. While nonfiction modestly increased by 0.4%, it still staunchly holds the fort, occupying a robust 44% of the market.
  2. With atlases, maps, and travel category – skyrocketing by 51% to $16.3 million.
  3. A tell-tale sign of our collective wanderlust finding its wings again, and all things international travel are firmly back on the agenda.

Balancing Act: Digital and Physical Mediums

The Australian ebook market demonstrates resilience and adaptability, experiencing a vivacious double-digit growth for half of 2020, with a 26% increase in April – a nod to our shifted habits during the initial Covid-19 lockdown.

  1. Major publishers have reported to Books+Publishing that ebook sales have since dropped and returned to pre-pandemic levels, accounting for 11% of total sales for Australian publishers.
  2. A hearty 75% of ebook sales are adult fiction, particularly within the realms of romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, and crime.
  3. During lockdowns this digital embrace wasn't solitary to fiction; numerous categories enjoyed a lift, providing a diversely rich and expansive digital reading landscape to explore.

A Shout-out to Self-Publishers

A spotlight on self-published titles – especially those penned by local authors – reveals success stories from both regional and inner-city retailers. Some fun figures for those considering the self-publishing path:

  1. 30-34% of all ebooks sold are self-published.
  2. 300 million self-published books are sold globally each year.
  3. $1.25 billion worth of self-published books are sold each year.
  4. Amazon pays $520 million in royalties to self-published authors each year.
  5. 67% of top-rated, self-published books are written by women, compared to just 39% of traditionally published books.
  6. The global publishing market is expected to grow at 1% CAGR per year, whereas the self-publishing market is expected to grow at 17%.
  7. The number of self-published books has increased by 264% in the last five years.

Sharing your story with your reader

Authors, every story you tell has the potential to seeps into the hearts and minds of readers, creating realms previously unimagined. And while writing is a noble achievement, letting your story permeate into the world is equally crucial:

  1. Engage with your local bookshops and immerse yourself in your community.
  2. Embrace both in-person and online platforms to connect with your readers.
  3. Platforms like #BookTok, Instagram, and Goodreads aren't just channels; they're vibrant communities where your readers reside.

If you are interested in delving deeper with additional readings and insights why not check out Books+Publishing for continuous insider updates on the Australian and New Zealand book industry?

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