Discover the 9 steps that will take you from a blank page to planning and writing your business book by:

  • Identifying your core message
  • Clarifying your why and who you are writing for
  • Become clear on your book’s outline
  • Have a plan for the before, during and after stages of writing and publishing your book
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The Checklist

The entrepreneurs’ guide to book writing

Ann Dettori

Hi, I’m Ann Dettori, bestselling author of The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing and owner of Dettori Publishing, Post Pre-Press Group, and Independent Ink. I love working with budding authors and have created this checklist to help you start on your journey to publishing that book you've been dying to write. Many of our clients have found this to be the tool that banished procrastination and got them going. I hope it helps you too!